The World as I know it!

Ever wonder what marks our time here on earth and wonder what purpose we have? I ask myself that question all the time!

Someone close to my heart told me that whatever you want in life, make sure you work hard at it and you will see amazing results. There will be negative people trying to tear you apart and break down your walls, but at the end of the day, it’s your decision on what YOU want.

Fate has a funny way of playing tricks on your mind in trying on focusing on what’s in front of you. Life is short and we should live each day as if it were on purpose. Do what YOU want to do, take risks, just don’t get caught by law enforcement.

I have 2 important people close to my heart that have helped me break out of my shell and go after my dreams that I have been so scared to do so, but they have both been so supportive of me and telling me not to give up, no matter what.

I remember in my 20s that things would be so challenging in my life, and I would try to accomplish everything I set my heart to do before my 30s, and I’ve done a pretty great job at it so far. Now that my 20s are over and I am 30, I see things differently wherever I am, people I see, places I go, things I do, and I definitely see a huge change in how they all act towards me.

The only 2 passions I hold dear to my heart are music and creative writing. I can be in a room anywhere, close my eyes and I am in another world full of imagination and it’s awesome. I have been playing the acoustic guitar since mid-February until present time, and since I was always afraid to learn something new, I have had a great teacher, Tavis Stanley (from Art of Dying) teach me the ropes on doing songs we both love and taking a spin on some classic and blues tracks, which I am very fond of.

I’ve always been told that to succeed in something, you have to start from the bottom, and work your way up. Once you get to the top, the results will be endless and you will be a very happy person. For sure there will always be obstacles and challenges to face, but once you overcome all of your worries and fears that you have been keeping hidden inside, you won’t know what hit you between the eyes.

One of my mentors that I have looked up to growing up, has changed me in ways that I still can’t imagine. Every time when I would finish up my guitar lessons, I have always grabbed his attention and told him what happened; every time I had something on my mind or going on, he has always been there to give me support and say great words of wisdom.

My mentor told me on June 13th “I’m proud of you for making it this far. It takes a lot of love for music and determination as well.” Those heartfelt words came from my idol, Adam Gontier.

Every time Adam has told me he has written a new story, I would take the time to read it, brainstorm some ideas and thoughts and tell him what I think. It also gives me inspiration to write down some of my own ideas for my own writings and we feed off each other’s creativity.

Had I not been so creative in my life, I don’t know what type of person I’d become and what I would choose to do as a second choice of my hobbies. When professors at school asked their students what they wanted to be when they grow up, they always gave the same answers: doctors, lawyers, accountants, even therapists, but not many people mention anything in the creative fields, such as musicians, painters, audio techs in studios, photographers, sound techs for bands while out on tour, the list goes on.

If people were to open up their minds and see what else is out there in the world, instead of focusing on what they do in their everyday lives, they would stand a greater chance of being destined for greatness, no matter what they accomplish or how hard they put the effort into it.

So fellow readers and bloggers out there, I will leave you with a question to think about:

“If something or someone is holding you back from doing what YOU want to do, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?”


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