Music & Friendships!

Main characters:

Sarah – Felicia
Kathy – Shauna
Vera – Charlotte
Adam – Markus
Cale – Theo
Sean – Jace

Chapter 1

It was a cold and snowy winter day in late December and I had been listening to some of my favorite bands on my Spotify playlist, while unwinding down after a long day of work and I stumbled upon 2 of my best bands of all time Art of Dying and Saint Asonia. I’ve always been great supporters of Markus and Theo for a very long time and one day, I started chatting with Shauna and I have been telling her that I am a huge fan of them and she asked me if I wanted to privately chat with the guys for a bit. I guess you can say it was a trial to see how I would react to them, even though I am a long-time fan of theirs.

That same night, very late I might add, Markus started talking to me and I hit it off with him right off the bat, so to speak, and I kept asking him questions about his music and what I know about him and the information I came up with really impressed him. A few hours went by and he told me he has a surprise guest for me to chat with. I patiently waited for a few minutes and then I got a funny greeting message. “Hello beautiful, this is the mystery man, we have met before and you find me very attractive. I know you have heard my music before because Markus can see what you play in your playlist. I find it very intriguing the selection of songs you have in your playlist and I am very happy to see you have both of our music in there. Thanks for being such a great supporter. So, enough of all this, do you know who this is, I know you do. I can feel it in my bones.”

I immediately private messaged Shauna and said “I might have an idea who it is but my guesses are always wrong.” She replied “Honey, I know you know who it is, just say it to him and he will be happy.” Off I go back in to our private group chat and I immediately scream out “THEOOOOOO, I knew it was you. It just took me a while to figure it out.”

“Hey beautiful, I didn’t get your name. If you don’t tell me, I’m gonna have to stick with this nickname.” “I’m Felicia, it’s a huge pleasure to meet you and Markus too, of course. I have been a fan of yours and Markus for a very long time and I will continue to support that for a very long time. I actually did meet you last year in the summertime and I was happily dragged by a friend of mine to meet your band-mates. Let’s just say since then, my whole life changed for the better and I couldn’t be happier.” As the night went on very late at this point, almost 2 a.m, we all had a great time and unfortunately, we had to get some sleep.

Chapter 2

Things went really well and smooth from our first chat that I got a special invitation from Shauna if I’d like to join our private group and meet other people who share the same thing as I do. I said to her “Shauna, are you kidding me? It’s an honor to be part of this amazing group of individuals that are amazing and 2 that I looked up to as a fan. I hope to meet more people in here so we can form a tight bond and friendship that share the passion of music and life.” She told me to wait a few minutes to talk to Markus and Theo to see if it’s alright to have an addition to the group, and they were thrilled to bits of excitement. Theo told Shauna “Felicia is such a great person with a bubbly personality and I know Markus and I will make her feel right at home so she won’t get nervous and freak out that she’d want to leave us”

About 2o minutes went by and I get a message from Shauna saying “Hey Felicia, look at your screen in about 30 seconds and you will see something pop up.” 30 seconds go by and I see another message “Hey Felicia, this is Markus. I’d like to personally invite you to join our private group, you will have a great time with all of us and be introduced to 2 more people whom you have never met before, and you’ll really enjoy them. They are personal friends of mine and will make you feel like yourself in no time. The first person is a really great friend of mine and Theo, his name is Jace. He can be a little intimidating at times but he has the coolest job known to mankind. If you’d like to know what he does, pretty soon you can chat with him to ask him any questions you have. My next friend whom is also a friend of Shauna, her name is Charlotte. She has the best and wildest personality and such a fun person to be around, when any of us feel down. She lifts our spirits up and we all share the most silliest things and get a kick out of it. Welcome to the group . Myself and Theo especially since you are so attracted to him as he called it, will be welcoming you with open arms and make sure you have the best time every night.”

A few weeks went by and when you realize how much time we’ve spent chatting every night, and very late at night too I might add, it was the new year, 2016, and Markus and Theo were on winter vacation from their touring. We spent so much time back and forth chatting and at some point being a little bit flirty, even though some of us didn’t realize it, ended up forming such a strong friendship and trusted each other that I would never betray their personal lives to others. Friday nights were the best every week because the guys would have poker nights with friends of theirs and we’d have some fun times chatting with them until the early hours of the next morning.

We would have such fun times talking about our favorite bands and musicians and critique them or their sound that we would have a blast and always post our favorites in a special group on social media. We never realize how much time goes by on certain nights because we all talk at the same time that we laugh so much until our stomachs hurt. I have opened up my music horizons to listen to more intense heavy metal and hard rock bands, all thanks to Markus and Theo for introducing me to their friends bands music. I’ve even shown some bands and artists that I listen too to the guys and they are very impressed. Some people think I just listen to pop, rock and country music. I do listen to a variety of music but never country, unless I live in hick-town and want to drown my sorrows into bluegrass or folklore which is so not in my catalog of music.

I love how music has a way of connecting people to each other. I find music defines the artist on the way they write and what goes on in their minds so they can share it with their audience every night. It gives us and them a sense of escapism, freedom, and also a way to relate to what the artist was thinking of while writing/singing their song(s). As a creative person, I have learned to share what people would really want to know, and still keep some things secretive. After all, it is your personal life and I would personally not want someone invading in my life and know every single thing that goes on in my daily life.

Chapter 3

A few months down the year and we are already in spring. I have made such a strong closeness with everyone in our group that I can confide in them to say whatever is on my mind, and they will keep it to themselves, without blabbing it on to others. I love this amazing friendship we’ve built and it continues to grow every night. I now have funny and cute nicknames that I have given to all of them. Markus is the protector and now sleeping beauty, Theo is booty shaker and now fiery dragon (don’t ask lol), Charlotte is sexy mamma, Shauna is now queen (of the group), and Jace is now my savior.

Had it not been for this amazing group and individuals, I would not be this amazing, bubbly, full of energy, funny and fun-loving spirited woman I am today, if I never got to pursue my dreams I’ve been shying away from my entire life and “tearing down the walls” to break free and say to “let me live my life” the way I want people to remember me when it’s my time to go.

Sidenote – I promise to keep everyone here updated as our friendship grows and continue on the chapters, as the months go by.



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