My Musical Inspirations part 2!

Hey everyone, earlier this summer I had the chance to discover some bands/artists that touched my heart deeply. As I go along, I will talk about the bands/artists and explain why they mean so much to me. The first band I love and admire is a canadian band from Vancouver,BC Canada called Art of Dying.

The band members are: Jonny Hetherington – lead vocals (2004–present); former drummer Jeff Brown – drums (2008–2016); new drummer Cody Watkins (2016-present); Cale Gontier – bass (2008–present); Tavis Stanley – guitar (2008–present). They have 3 albums out called (self titled) Art of Dying (2006), Vices and Virtues 2011) and Rise Up #EP (2015). Their famous songs which I love a lot and listen to constantly are “Die Trying” “Raining” (featuring Adam Gontier, “Rise Up”, “Everything” and “Tear Down The Walls”. Each of their songs talks about something different that I love because they all have a personal meaning in my life.

They got to open up for Apocalyptica for their Shadowmaker North-American tour this year and I got the opportunity to meet them just after their set at the merch booth. I got a picture taken with them and I even got to chat with them for a bit and chat with Cale for a few minutes longer. For those that are living in a bubble and thinking why they have the same last name, he is cousins with Adam Gontier and they are the best cousins that I love. Cale told me that he got to be best man for Adam’s wedding back in March of this year to an amazing girl Jeanie Marie. He said that Adam was the happiest person to marry a great girl like her. I follow them all on social media so I would like their pictures and comment on them sometimes if I love the picture. Speaking of Adam, my next band I really love and have inspired me is Saint Asonia.

Saint Asosia is a Canadian/American rock band that was formed in Toronto,Ontario Canada in 2014. The band members are : Adam Gontier – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (ex-Three Days Grace); Mike Mushok – lead guitar (Staind); Corey Lowery – bass, backing vocals (Eye Empire); Rich Beddoe – drums (ex-Finger Eleven). Saint Asonia has given the fans a sneak peak of their first single “Better Place” in early may and on May.16th, 2015, it was fully released to social media and on the radio. They were the “special guest” at Rock on the Range 2015 on the same date and Better Place was their first song they rocked out to the crowd. The band performed other songs such as “Fairy Tale”, “Dying Slowly” and “Let Me Live My Life”, but also performed cover songs of Three Days Grace, such as “I Hate Everything About You” and Staind’s “Mudshovel”. On July.31st,2015 they released their debut album and it features 11 tracks. Their second single “Blow Me Wide Open” was relased on June.29th,2015.

If you ask me, I love all their songs but the ones that stick out to me a lot are “Better Place”, “Let Me Live My Life” and “Blow Me Wide Open”. Better Place is about not letting other people hold you back from moving forward, and just becoming a better person and evolving as a person. Let Me Live My Life is about being held down again, about being in a situation where somebody doesn’t want you to move forward and they’re doing their best to try and keep you from doing that. “Blow Me Wide Open” is about feeling like you’ve been led on by someone for a long period of time, and just wondering if they still remember who you are and who you realy are. It’s about reconnecting with that person after years. Their other songs are “Fairy Tale” which is about being expected to do certain things and being held to certain standards, and not necessairly doing what other people around you want you to do. It’s basically a big middle finger to anyone who’s trying to rule your life. “Even Though I Say” is about realizing that you can change, realizing that the change that you want is possible and going after it. “Waste My Time” is basically a straightforward love song. Nothing else to explain about this one. “King of Nothing” is about basically treating people like crap and then realizing that you’ve pushed everyone away and realizing that you might be feeling on top of the world, but you actually have nothing.

My third favorite band that I really love is Apocalyptica. They are a Finnish metal band from Helsinki. They first started out in 1993. The 5 band members, along with their singer are: Eicca Toppinen – lead cello, double bass, percussion, programming, vocals (1993–present) ; Paavo Lötjönen – rhythm cello, vocals (1993–present) ; Perttu Kivilaakso – lead cello, programming, vocals (1995, 1999–present) ; Mikko Sirén – drums, double bass, vocals (2005–present; live member: 2003-2005) Franky Perez– vocals (2014–present). 

The reason why I love Apocalyptica is because all 3 members play the cello which I find is the sexiest instrument anyone can play. Every time I hear it, whether it’s their hard rock songs or soft melodic tunes, I always get goosebumbs and it makes me want to learn it to see what it’s all about it. There are 2 alto cellos that Eicca and Perttu play and then you have Paavo that plays the bass cello which has the deep sounds. Mikko has played the double bass during some of their performances and they are mind-blowing when all 4 are on stage. I’ve been to 2 of their concerts and I have nothing but amazing reviews to share with people that have never heard about them or only know the cello. Some people may think that you can only play classical music but when you hear their music, whether it’s on the radio or from their cds, you hear one heavy metal song and you are speechless and stunned by what they can do with a simple instrument. I will hopefully one day learn it and show them what skills I have learned and then whenever I get the chance to meet them, I will tell them that I have moved away from the piano to learn the cello.

My last artist that I will add in here has been a great discovery for me. He has been in my life and others (echelons and EPICS) and he is Boy Epic. I have found him on VyRT when he did his first single “Scars” for the Suicide Squad movie which will be released in August,2016. He has other amazing songs like “Paralyzed”, “Tell Me You Love Me”, “Fifty Shades” and many more. He has such a unique voice that no one else has and when you hear him speak and sing, you are blown away by what you hear. I am still stunned to this day by his amazement and what he’s accomplished. He did a movie called “Tell Me Lies” that you can only see on Youtube. He also has his friend Melissa in the movie. Boy Epic has recently released an acoustic version of Scars that’s a piano version. He is currently doing episodes called “Telling Secrets” that can only be seen on VyRT and when you become a VIP member, you have access to chat with him once the episode finishes airing and watch bonus secret videos that only VIPers can see. I got the chance to become a VIP memeber for his first series and it’s an amazing experience. I found out that he is a Leo like myself and his friend Melissa Cordero so I find that very special. I am so happy that he is finally writing his first debut album that will have amazing tracks and only the VyRTers will get a chance to listen to the album before it gets released around the world. If I can say something to him it would be THANK YOU for discovering you and your amazing music that has made me evolve my genres of music and to let me write my own music with your inspiration and struggles that you have been dealing with in your past and have opened up to the world that others can relate to and myself.

I love everything about music and musical instruments. I have some musically talented family members that play the guitar and/or sing like my cousins and my younger brother and myself that play the piano. For those that think they aren’t musically talented or gifted, if you are one that loves to sing along to music on the radio or wherever you hear it, you are talented. You may not sound like Britney Spears or anyone famous like her but you know what you sound like and that’s an amazing feeling. I always listen to music every day, and when I work out, on the bus/train/metro and in the car and I tend to sing along with the words. I tend to really listen to the lyrics and know what the band or singer was feeling when they were writing the song. Singers usually write about personal things that have happened in their lives and instead of doing harm to yourself, they would write it out on paper with their bandmates and when it’s approved by their manager, bandmates and producer, they would go to the studio, record their vocals, percussion and guitars/bass guitar and when they have enough songs, they have a successful album.

I am currently in the process of writing all the time and hopefully find a contact to start singing and hear my own voice on a cd and record in a studio. All these bands and artists that I have mentioned make me become a better person and a future singer/song-writer and when I will get out my music to the public, i will have a lot of Thank Yous to write about.

A final note to leave you with: “Thank you to everyone who has been in my life, whether I know you personally or we have met on VyRT, or through music. You have made me be a stronger, independant, opened person to share my work with the world and get some great feedback so you can tell me what to work on next. I love doing new projects whether it’s musical or not. If I never listened to Thirty Seconds To Mars or been on VyRT, I would have never had the inspirational words from Jared Leto telling me to go after my dreams and to work hard, no matter what and never give up. I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I have a lot of people to thank but a global THANK YOU around the world will be enough!”


Sarah Jolin


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