My Musical Inspirations!

These amazing bands that I love have inspired me to be creative with my life and to be open to the different genres that are out there in the world. I will be naming you some of my favourites and try to elaborate on why they are important to me.

The first one is Backstreet Boys. These 5 guys from Orlando, Florida have been around for 20+ years, started in 1993 and have made continuous albums that I will forever cherish and love. They already have 8 amazing albums and are currently working on their 9th album. I have loved their music ever since they began, back in the 90s. If I can pick one song from all their albums that would be my favourite, it would be “Show Me The Meaning (of Being Lonely) because it talks about losing a loved one and/or significant other that either passed away or broke up with you. No matter what you’re going through, this song understands you because you can relate to the words. I find that when you listen to the song, you hear the melody but those that close their eyes and are alone in a room, you can really get to know what the artist was feeling at that time they were writing it and this song does it for me. Out of all the band members, Brian would be my “favourite”, I recently watched their documentary video they released January.31st,2015 and it talked about their success and fame to becoming who they are. It also talked about the 5 band members former/present lives before starting the band. I really got to know who these 5 amazing guys are by relating to their personal lives. Brian’s story really affected me because he is a lot like Shannon Leto from Thirty Seconds To Mars. He wants to prove to everyone that he can do a lot for the band, but there are some consequences on what will happen to his health. He has to do what he can to make the band successful and yet somehow still keep himself healthy and alive. These are a few reasons why I really love this band.

The second band that I really love is Linkin Park. These 6 guys from Agoura Hills, California have started out in 1996 with their first singles “One Step Closer” and “Crawling”. I have loved their hard rock music because if I’m having a bad day, a fight with someone or just wanting some alone time, their music is like therapy for me. I would listen to it full blast in my room with my headphones on and listen to their music constantly. They have 6 albums out now and are having an amazing success touring around the world. They are so good at what they do and they love it. Their songs talk about life, love, break-ups, the list goes on. I can’t really choose a member that I really love and relate to because I love them all. They each have something unique to the band which makes them awesome.  They are also involved in some major charities and organizations for Haiti and Japan.

The third band I really love a lot is Nickelback. These 4 guy are from Hanna, Alberta Canada. They first started in 1995. Their hit song  “How You Remind Me” was listed as the top rock song of the decade and the fourth song of the decade. They currently have 8 albums right now and just recently released their 8th album “No Fixed Address” November.17th,2014 and are now going on tour all over North America and all over the world. I love all their music because they have a mix of humour, love, hate, sex, etc and it’s something that we can all relate too just like I previously mentioned in my first band. All the members have a unique vibe to how they present themselves musically which is why I love them so much and I fully support my Canadian bands, just as well as US and foreign bands.

My fourth band I really love and has sadly been on a hiatus since 2012 is Evanescence. They first started in 1995 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Currently they have 3 albums but are on break. I remember hearing their very first song “Bring Me To Life” and as I was listening to it, I kept asking myself who this amazing singer is with such a powerful voice and her name is Amy Lee. She has more of a gothic/rock tone to her voice, but that’s what makes her shine. The song I can relate to in this band is “My Immortal” because lyrically, it talks about “a spirit staying with you after its death and haunting you until you actually wish that the spirit were gone because it won’t leave you alone.” I have lost a few of my loved ones and I felt such a strong connection to them because I knew them for such a long time and when they passed, I felt their spirits lingering around just knowing that they would watch over me no matter what. I miss them all terribly and wish they can still be alive but there are things that happen in life that we have no control of.

My fifth and final band that I really love is of course Thirty Seconds to Mars. These guys have formed in 1998 and are from Los Angeles, California. They have 4 amazing albums out and are currently on tour in Europe where they are still launching their album “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” which is so different sounding than their other 3 albums. They have gone through hell and back fighting a terrible lawsuit with EMI for their contract and while making their third album “This Is War” in 2008-2011. I find that all their songs sound completely different which is great, because you don’t want them to sound the same and say “well this song is boring.” You want people to say “wow, this new song Kings & Queens or The Kill sounds so different and amazing.” People will buy their albums and go see them on tour to get a sense of how they sound and get involved in their family called the ECHELON which is fans from all around the world just talking about their music, the guys and of course this new program called VyRT which is a way for people to connect with them and different bands/artists. It’s a new way of technology for fans to interact with the bands to watch events live while chatting. I can go on and on talking about this awesome band because honestly, they’ve literally changed my life for the better. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today and expand my love for new artists and bands that I’ve never even heard of before. Out of all their songs they have, I can honestly relate to “Alibi” because it talks about battling your demons you faced in the past and overcoming them through challenges you have to encounter so you can be stronger and be a better person and ignore all the negative people in the world that will tell you, you are nothing, you can’t do anything with your life and the ones that say that to you are the ones that have had challenges they couldn’t beat or go through. They are the ones that suffered from something bad happening in their lives and they see the positive people continuing on with their lives to do what they want to do and enjoy whatever it is they choose. It’s okay to make mistakes and struggle because I always say “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and I believe that. I would like to say thank you to the ECHELON on VyRT for taking me in as their family because I feel like I am part of something amazing that I can share all my problems with them, they can relate to me and what I’m going through and we all exchange some laughs, experiences and just have fun and be ourselves.

If it wasn’t for me being so creative and loving music and playing music growing up, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I started at a very young age of 4 years old playing the piano and I currently am still playing and learning every single day. Had I not chosen to be creative, I’d be doing something that I’d hate because it was something that was forced on me and I would regret every second of it until I found what it was I loved. I am so grateful that I am still alive and am very healthy by taking care of myself first and foremost because I want to live a long life, get married, have my own kids and show my kids what I was like growing up. I am happier than I’ve ever been now than I ever was growing up and it’s because of the love of music that has changed me forever!


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