My life and how Thirty Seconds To Mars changed my life!

Hi there, this is my first blog ever so bear with me. I’ve fallen in love with an amazing band that’s been around for more than 20 years and I love each member for their talents and what they bring to the table with their fans. That band is Thirty Seconds to Mars and the members are Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic. How did I fall in love with this amazing band you might ask? Well, ever since I’ve heard their song “The Kill” I immediately had to know who this band was, so I did my research and found out they are called “Thirty Seconds To Mars” and I already heard about Jared Leto being in movies such as Fight Club, Requiem For a Dream, and now recently Dallas Buyers Club.

Besides the point of his movies, I knew he was also a singer and lead singer to the band so I started listening to a few of their songs from their second album “A Beautiful Lie” and I was hooked. I now own all their albums and constantly listen to them no matter what mood I’m in. Whether I’m having a good day or a bad day, their music is like a “pick me up” to feel better. They now have their series called “Into The Wild” on VyRT and after watching every episode so far, it’s made me feel so much closer to them than I ever would imagine and I have such a deeper connection with each of them, but mostly with Shannon because I can relate to his demons he’s battled in the past and how he started the band. Without him, Jared and Tomo wouldn’t be where they are today being successful with their albums, touring and the ECHELON.

The ECHELON on VyRT has made me a part of their “family”. They taught me to be who I am, to not take crap from the negative people who are not fans of the band and just live. If ever we somehow all meet in person, I would hug them all and say thank you personally to them to accept me just like them; a dedicated fan. I wouldn’t be where I am today with my drive, passion and love for music. I have started playing the piano since I was 4 years old and since today at 28 years old, I still have the will to learn new piano songs every day to improve and get better. I am like Shannon in a lot of ways, musically, because he/I hated school and only cared for music. Music class was the only thing he/I succeeded in (and I am now a certified instructor if ever I wanted to be a music teacher to kids. I am gifted in music because I can’t read sheet music at all. I play music by ear. I’ve basically been self-taught that way where I would hear a piano song and run to my piano and learn it over and over again. Until I get it right, I would keep practicing it and the last shot I would record it alone, and be in awe of how amazing it sounds. I guess you can say that I learned it from the guys and others who have inspired me musically.

What people don’t understand is how they call me “obsessed” with the band but that’s an understatement. I am not an obsessed fan but I’m devoted to them and their music. They tell people to go after their dreams. Jared quoted “You have a good chance at making some of your wildest dreams come true. People don’t ever try, sadly. Most people try to stop or give up. Very few people try, and try, and try or do, and do, and do and never give up. And those are the people who ultimately succeed and win.”

I think what Jared is saying is go after whatever it is you want to do in your life and don’t give up no matter what is in your way. What I say to that is dream big, stay away from the negative people around you and go after your dreams and just be happy.

My biggest dream is to be successful in MY life to fulfill MY goals. I want to make myself happy first and I want to be able to say to the world “This is me, this is what I’ve done with my life and no one or anything will get in my way no matter what.”

The band has taught me to live my life, laugh at all the things that may seem to be not funny but laugh anyways, think outside the box, be creative, work hard, do something special with my life. If/when I can/will say something to them in person, it will be “Thank you for teaching me to dream, to let me live the life that I want to live and to accept me as I am!”


7 thoughts on “My life and how Thirty Seconds To Mars changed my life!

  1. witchymumma says:

    Thanks for sharing hon. I love reading blogs like this and I’m so happy to have met you and the other echelon on vyrt. You guys inspire me just as much as the boys ❤ xo


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